Slip And Fall Accident Attorneys in Concord and Gastonia

A slip-and-fall is any injury that you suffer when you are on someone else's property. The classic slip-and-fall accident is slipping on an icy sidewalk or tripping on an uneven step. The negligence arises from the fact that normal upkeep would have prevented the injury.

These are common examples of slip-and-fall (also called premises liability) injuries:


  •  A visitor to a hotel leans on a railing and breaks through it.

  •  An apartment resident stumbles in an unlit stairwell.

  •  The stands at a soccer game collapse.

  •  A passerby is struck by falling ceiling tiles.




Many premises liability cases are extremely serious and even fatal. At Patterson Adams we represent clients who have suffered every kind of injury. Our focus, however, is on injuries that are serious, that result in diminished function, diminished enjoyment of life and even wrongful death. More serious injuries usually lead to larger claims.




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