Concord Motor Vehicle Accident Attorneys

The number of highway deaths has been decreasing gradually in North Carolina in recent years, but car accident remains the leading accidental cause of death. At the law firm of Patterson Adams, we are mindful of the damage a negligent driver can do to an entire family. Serious injuries maim and kill, and in the process destroy people's hopes and dreams.



Our practice aggressively pursues these kinds of cases:


  •  Car accidents of every kind

  •  Trucking accidents, including semitrailers, tractor-trailers, big rigs and other oversized vehicles

  •  Motorcycle accidents, still among the most violent of all accidents

  •  Slip-and-fall accidents, also known as premises liability cases

  •  Animal attacks/dog bites, which don't always involve the so-called dangerous breeds

  •  Drunk driving injuries: When the other driver breaks the law by drinking or talking on the phone, awards tend to be higher


In particular, our attorneys represent individuals whose injuries are severe. Very often these individuals are unable to work again or even perform basic functions. Their needs, and their family's needs, are the greatest of all. Because their compensation must last a long time and cover every sort of exigency, we take aim at the highest possible awards.


  •  Catastrophic injuries, including severe burns and amputations

  •  Wrongful death, with awards going to surviving family members

  •  Head and brain injuries, among the most destructive and expensive of all injuries


If you have been seriously injured in a highway crash in our part of North Carolina, we want to hear your story. Contact the Concord motor vehicle accident lawyers at Patterson Adams toll free at 888-285-4878.