Head Injury Lawyers in Concord and Gastonia

Head and brain injuries are among the most devastating injuries. In any instant they can change your life forever, destroying your ability to earn a living, to get around, to communicate and even to think. They do great damage not only to the victim, but also to families and support systems.




At Patterson Adams, we represent individuals whose lives have been catastrophically impacted due to a motor vehicle accident, a work accident, a fall, a gunshot, or even medical malpractice. Because the needs of the injured individual are so great, compensation tends to be substantial.

It is important in head and brain injury cases to work with an attorney who has experience in an area that is complex both medically and legally. A common mistake is to underestimate the seriousness of the injury and to settle for an inadequate sum. Head and brain injuries can manifest in surprisingly different ways in people. We can help you to connect with the kinds of experts who best understand your kind of injury and can properly assess the dimensions of your disability.

Our lawyers have one goal for you and your family: to get you the money you need to recover and live without fears about finances.

Have you or a loved one needlessly suffered a serious head injury? Contact the Concord, North Carolina, head injury attorneys at Patterson Adams toll free at 888-285-4878.