Personal injury law has a history going back nearly 800 years. Tort is an ancient word for "harm." Tort law is about redressing the harm one party does to another.

If one person caused another person harm, the injured party could rightfully request compensation for the injury. This idea was a giant step toward a more just world.

Though personal injury case law has grown much more complex over the centuries, the essence of it remains the same. Personal injury allows the less powerful to obtain justice from the more powerful. For many people, it is the only time in their lifetime that they will file a lawsuit. So it is important to do it right.

In our practice at Patterson Adams, our attorneys have been pursuing justice for North Carolina clients. For families that have lost a father, mother, spouse or child, compensation brings a powerful sense of closure. For families coping with a permanently disabled victim of a catastrophic injury, the compensation we win lets them keep going with life.

If you have suffered a grievous injury through no fault of your own, we urge you to contact our lawyers at our Concord, Gastonia or Salisbury offices. Meeting with us costs you nothing — indeed, you owe us nothing until we produce for you.

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