Catastrophic Injury Lawyers in Concord and Gastonia, North Carolina

Insurance carriers often minimize the severity of the injuries people seek compensation for. A car accident is a "fender bender." A derailed tanker car is a "spill." At Patterson Adams we know how severe many injuries are. We know people who have lost multiple limbs, people burned on 80 percent of their bodies, and children who will never walk again because of medical error.

When conditions are this bad, often with need for lifelong care, it is necessary to seek larger awards. That's an important focus of the personal injury lawyers at Patterson Adams.



These are just some of the catastrophic injuries we represent in our North Carolina practice:

  •  Head and brain injuries

  •  Spinal cord injuries

  •  Extreme disfigurement

  •  Surgical errors

  •  Serious birth injuries

Survivors of these injuries may never return to their jobs or be able to properly parent their children. That's why they deserve the very best and the most aggressive legal representation. We invite you to contact Patterson Adams and discuss your losses. We want to hear your story and explain your options to you.

Has a loved one suffered a serious, needless injury? Contact the Concord, North Carolina, catastrophic injury attorneys at Patterson Adams toll free at 888-285-4878. No recovery, no fee is our motto. Call for additional information.