Animal Attack Attorneys in Concord and Gastonia, North Carolina

Dog attacks can occur anywhere — at your home, at the dog owner's home or just walking down the street. And they involve all kinds of dogs — little ones as well as big ones.

A simple nip by a neighbor's dog may not justify a personal injury claim. But dog bites can be very serious. Dogs sometimes team up, pack style, and do serious damage, requiring stitches and even plastic surgery. The worst cases involve small children interacting with animals that have never been socialized or were allowed to run off-leash.

Dog bites have also been known to lead to serious infections and to post-traumatic stress syndrome requiring psychological intervention.




If you or a loved one has been hurt by a dog, or by any animal, the lawyers at Patterson Adams are experienced in this kind of case. We can explain your rights and options and learn how the attack has changed your life.

Taken together, our firm has more than 60 years' experience representing the people of Concord, Gastonia and Salisbury in compensating them from the injuries they suffer at one another's hands. We know that tort law, which personal injury is part of, is an ancient and legitimate way for people to resolve disputes involving injuries. It is one area in which the little guy can stand up to the powerful and demand, and obtain, simple justice.

Dog owners are required to keep their pets under control. When these responsibilities are not met, you may have an excellent claim to compensation. The North Carolina attorneys at Patterson Adams can help.

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